Selected to become a 17D Cyber Operations Officer

Well I got selected to be an Officer in my National Guard Unit, my position will be a 17D Cyber Operations Officer. Should be getting a school date later this year to attend Academy of Military Science (AMS) at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery AL.

I have been wanting to take several courses and have not been able to take them due to not being in a position that required the courses.

Cyber 200 Course:

Focus Areas:
• Cyber operational planning & integration
• Synchronization of ops with ISR/info ops assets
• Lessons learned
• Capabilities & tactics updates
• Emerging technologies

Cyber 300 Course

Focus Areas:
• Cyber specific adaptive planning
• Application of cyber capabilities in joint ops
• Cyber planning, programming, budget, execution
• Cyber battle management/control authority
• Cyber policy, doctrine and law
• Capabilities & tactics updates/emerging technologies

At least now I will be in a position to take these courses, and hopefully I can find a way to take another course which my current unit does not do.

Undergraduate Network Warfare Training (UNWT)



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