2013 – Happy New Year

Well 2012 is just about to end and 2013 is just starting.

have not made any New Years resolutions as of yet, not sure what I need to work on. Probably to lose a little wait, work out a little more, try to eat healthier, or some other pathetic thing that  I will not really do for very long.

In the New Year I will be traveling to Bahrain for about 90 days to do some consulting work for my company. This should be an interesting experience for me, I am hoping to have a great time during my stay in the country. I have been researching the country for a little bit, glad to see that they are a little more Westernized compared to other countries in the region. Hoping to get to see everything that the country has to offer, and bring many gifts back to my friends and family. Will have to get used to not wearing shorts in public, it is supposed to be frowned upon by the locals. I will definitely have to make sure I am careful of several other cultural things an make sure I try to not do them. Not going to mention them, but they are generally not issues in the Western hemisphere.

I will not be able to travel to other countries once I arrive, due to the company I will be working with only got me a one time entry visa. I was hoping to get a multi entry visa so I could travel to some of the near by countries to visit some of the interesting sites.

Wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year

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